The all-glass iPhone X actually turned out to be a free-hit for all the case manufacturers out there. With the starting price of $999, it was one of the priciest phones among counterparts when introduced. And that asked for more of the covering and protection for this beast.
Now with a year gone and three more iPhone hitting the leaderboard, iPhone X is still in the business very much and its powerful camera plus innovated style made it do so.
As it can be likely to bear the scuff due to its all-glass screen, an insurance plan or a case is a must-have along with it. Here we have got you pampered with one of the best cases for iPhone X.

Sketch Stark Case for iPhone X Review

Is it your cup of tea?
If you are a minimalist and don’t hesitate to flaunt your phone rightly, of course, this case is for you. This case doesn’t suppress all the elegance of your iPhone X for the sake of protection; but still it covers the edges, bottom and back.
It’s a kind of comprehensive protection for those who love having cases with minimalistic design, and of course, this doesn’t off board you with loads of unnecessary logos and company taglines.
This case is spot on when it comes to the top and bottom protection of your phone, with the edges protrude it gives comprehensive protection to your ports and jacks.

Looking for protection for your iPhone X and not in the mood to sacrifice the elegance it carries on with; of course, you’re knocking on the right door as this case doesn’t obstruct you from flaunting all the goodness your phone possesses. This case has something special for the iconic Apple logo on the back as it leaves real to the extent that it is completely left uncovered.

The iPhone is prone to damages on the top, bottom and the edges adjoining; this case offers ultimate protection for that. But, in case if you’re looking for the side protection it doesn’t have a quite much plan for it rather than the raised edges to stop making it contact from the sides of the phone. The dirt and scuffs won’t be overcome this way.
Talking about the durability of this case it offers enough goodness to last long even in untoward situations. This case also offers a lifetime warranty that shows how sure they actually are in terms of their quality production.


Damage on Pocket

Colour Options

  1. Black
  2. Clear
  3. Sangria
  4. Moss

What it is made up of?

Value for Money (VFM)
$34.99 for this much comprehensive protection is a safe bet for sure. The raised edges extend ultimate protection to bezels of your phone. Moreover, the see-through style is good enough to flaunt the Apple logo on the back.