iPhone X rolling out of the box was eye-popping for many but still, some were busy baulking at the price tag of this phone. The difference of opinion might be a thing but being the priciest phone at the time of launch, iPhone X was meant to raise several eyebrows.
As the world is a place with 7 billion people; assuring enough versatility there were still many of the people who weren’t quite worried about the price of this beast as for them $999 worth equalled to few peanuts. The people whom we talking about here are those who aren’t reluctant to make extravagant purchases; no matter even if it is a case or the phone.
Most of the human being on planet Earth go for covers for their phones just to make sure protection but it isn’t the story of everyone as there thousands of people who are eyeing for something out-of-the-box or never-happened before. The case we are going to rundown below is for those who have enough to spend out of their moneybag.

Mikol Waitomo Ruby Travertine Case for iPhone X Review

Is it your cup of tea?
If you’re always looking for the case that may leave people in awe, then we are here to put the full stop to your quest as Mikol is a household name when comes to the stone cases range; whether it be the amethyst cases or marble cases. The one under review is a travertine case, which lets you boast like never before as it covers your phone with the Italian limestone and the mineral springs in it makes it glow in the dark.
So, now when you’re out on camping, your iPhone X can grab the limelight with its natural glowing abilities. The precise cutout of the plastic embedded material beneath these stones offers the required protection from the top and bottom.

So now it’s like a 2-way style statement for you; even if the case is on it or flaunting the naked iPhone X itself. The sanded hand-cut stone placed on it may look unrealistic at first glance but the premium feel will actually make you believe that it is an original stone. What adds more to this case is its glowing in the darkness.
With just a topping of $25, you can get your name or the initials engraved on the back of your case. Style like never before!

It is meant for fashionistas not for those eager to have ultimate protection for their phones. By the way, how much durability you can ask from a stone? As you aren’t sure about it, same goes for the durability of this case.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options

What it is made up of?
Italian Limestones and Mineral Springs

Value for Money (VFM)
$175 case is just for the embellishment and styling purpose and if that’s what you’re looking for, then this case is made for you.  It may not lend the protection rightly but it is what it is.