The day Apple announced about the birth of iPhone X there were hundreds of people baulking at the price and that too in the chorus. But that all went in vain as this premium phone went on winning the hearts across the globe and plus it initiated an era of glamorous screens. The design and camera of this model also hit the bull’s eye and that made it stand out as a real winner.
In first glance, it won’t be wrong to say that the successor to iPhone X, iPhone XS is something closely alike. Whether it is about the screen and camera, iPhone X and iPhone XS are identical twins. Apart from the dozens of pros, one can’t undermine the cons of this beast, which is yet selling like a hot cake in the markets.
The battery timing is a serious issue in some capacity as it’s even shorter than that of iPhone 8 Plus. Other than that, the all-glass body demands extra care of this phone. To make sure you get the apt protection here is the review of one of the covers for you.

Incipio Esquire Slim Series Case for iPhone X Review

Is it your cup of tea?
If you’re one of the most care-free people across the globe and may slip this 5.65 inches gadget quite often, this case isn’t made for you. It offers the low-profile protection without adding too much of bulk on your phone. The premium fabric touch is something it offers while resisting against the scuffs, that hamper the goodness of your phone.
Moreover, the polycarbonate covering on the core makes it even effective against the drops from a height up to 1 ft.

iPhone X is a synonym to style and so is this case which is slim and sleek and deploys the premium cotton chambray up on protection. The polycarbonate interior maintains the flexibility of this case and enhances your style statement in some capacity.
Unlike many of the cases, it isn’t something to add a few ounces on your phone or get it covered with some odd-looking over-sized covers.

It is extracted from the premium cotton, usually known as the Chambray that makes it desirable of long standing. It may give low profile protection to your phone, but is something to stay for long without wear and tear.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options
Gray Phone

What it is made up of?
Cotton chambray, Polycarbonate

Value for Money (VFM)
You can use this cover to boost up your collection as well. It just costs around $24.99 and adds much to your style and less to the required protection for your phone.