The predecessor to iPhone5S, iPhone 6 came out as a revelation to many as it offered a brand new design topped up with the large screen as well. Apart from the sizeable appearance and screen what made iPhone 6 stood tall as a winner is its bid adieu to the squared-off edges and focusing on giving the curvy delight. The faster A8 processor also worked rightly for this one but it couldn’t get what was desperately needed; better battery.
The phone has enough positives to be in your hands even 4 years down the release. And if it’s keeping on the goodness you’d be eyeing to keep it secure and protective. So, we have got you covered with the rundown on one of the most hyped cases.

Is it your cup of tea?
If it is hard for you to carry on the wallet in one hand and the phone in other; here’s the solution to it as this navy coloured wallet case tailored from a calfskin offers both the function of a wallet and a case as well. So, now not to worry even if you forget your wallet home as Hansmare wallet case serves the purpose rightly.
The leather texture coming in the navy blue colour looks like a wallet in first glance but after one gets a sneak peek of the back camera then one comes to know that it is actually the mobile phone covered in it. The inside feel of this wallet case is premium and spacious simultaneously as it allows to put several cards and money in it with ease.

Keeping up on with the style is a priority for many, and this case is an apt find for them as it just boosts your style to the next level. You can position the case in a way that it works as your stand on the table or even in open locations; so watching movies isn’t trouble when this case is on. Moreover, it offers too much of aesthetic pleasure with its soft interior lining and the leather covering all around.

The premium leather material assures the long-lasting ability of this case with even ensuring the ultimate protection. Tailored made from the calf’s leather it doesn’t cover your ports and mic at all which make it a bit odd case to have as it won’t give any stop against the dirt and other such factors.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options

What it is made up of?

Value for Money (VFM)
This product isn’t going to be dismay if you aren’t expecting the comprehensive protection. Moreover, it will serve the purpose rightly if you eyeing to have a 2 in 1 wallet case at the moment. Not to forget, $18.89 for a calf leather case is way too much appropriate.